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Arrival of the flame 8 May-14 May 2024

Marseille – Grand Sud & Corse

Rekindle the flame within us

“I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my

hands.” (2 Timothy 1:6)

The Olympic Torch Relay is an unmissable tradition that takes us back to the roots of the Games. The first torch of the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay has been lit on April 16, 2024, according to ancient tradition, using the sun’s rays. 

This sunshine made us think that God “made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory.” (2 Corinthians 4:6)

Our “spiritual torches” have been lit by God, and they’re now traveling a whole customized route that he’s planned for us with “for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10)

The Olympic Flame is a “sacred element”. From its place of ignition, the temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece, it must reach the host country without ever going out. In the event of a problem, should the Flame ever be extinguished under exceptional conditions, safety lanterns, which also contain the sacred fire, are always at its side. So it’s always the same original Flame that continues its journey from its place of ignition to the host city, enriched by the energy of the 10,000 carriers of the Flame.

Likewise, our flames may lose intensity during our earthly journey. The aim is to keep the “sacred fire” burning all the way to the spiritual host city called “the new heavenly Jerusalem” (Revelation 3:12).

These enemies, like threatening winds, can reveal themselves in different forms:

  • Discouragement in trial and suffering.
  • Temptations and sins.
  • Reduced quality time with God.
  •  Belief in the devil’s lies.
  •  Burial of our talents and abortion of our destinies in Christ.

To prevent our flames from dying out, we can :

  •  Renounce and confess our sins to others.
  •  Read God’s Word more frequently, a food that strengthens us.
  • Read Christian books, especially encouraging testimonies.
  • Reorganize our time so we can spend more time with God in the secret place.
  • Choose one or two accountability partners who will help us remain faithful in using our gifts and fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.
  • Let the Holy Spirit fill us and burn out everything in us that is not of him.

The pilot light is an important part of the gas boiler. It’s that little blue flame that’s constantly lit, providing the house with hot water and heating. When we open a hot water tap, this little flame turns into a big flame capable of boiling cold water in just a few seconds.

We have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. He is like that “little blue flame” constantly burning, guaranteeing us salvation and testifying to “the love of God which he has poured into our hearts.” (Romans 5:5)

Like a faucet we turn on, we can let ourselves be “constantly filled anew by the Holy Spirit and seek our fullness in him” and so feel his powerful fire rekindle our little flame. (Ephesians 5:18)

Also, this fire gives us “a spirit of courage, love and enthusiasm; it is an active and loving spirit that makes us strong and able to love.” Above all, it helps us to “bear courageous witness about our Lord” (Timothy 1:6-8), so that others may take up the baton of the divine flame!


Specific prayer: Lord, we pray for your grace and protection for all torchbearers, staff and spectators during the Olympic flame’s journey, and in particular when it arrives in France and in the city of Marseille, its region and Corsica. May these lands be illuminated by your Word.

Personal introduction: David Nolent is an author and lecturer. He has written 8 books and is CEO of the TopChré mission. He is married to Iryna, and they have three beautiful daughters, Maria, Anna and Elisa.

Project coordination : Fred Menigoz
Illustrations/conception : Catherine Jegu
Translations : Maelle Moungounga, Caroline Sans, Tom Hawkins.

Project coordination : Fred Menigoz
Illustrations/conception : Catherine Jegu
Translations : Maelle Moungounga, Caroline Sans, Tom Hawkins.