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August 20th to 27th

French-speaking Africa

Walking in the light

“My dear friends, it is not a new commandment that I am writing to you; it is the old commandment, which you received from the beginning. This old commandment is the message you have already heard.”

 (1 John 1v7)

As a child of God, walking in the light is no longer a matter of will, but a requirement.

Are we committed and ready to walk in the light?

Why must we walk in the light?

We are children of the light. God redeemed us from this world, he redeemed us by grace, and we became his children through Jesus Christ his son. To maintain our role as the light of the world, we need to develop a quality relationship with God. The Bible declares that we are the light of the world, and we must live as such, for God has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. We are now God’s chosen, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people, so that we may proclaim the virtues of God (1 Peter 2:9-10).

Our lives must be characterized by walking in the light, just as Jesus Christ our Savior and Master did.

-We are the light of the world

We live in a world where people are careless about sin. Our role is to shine in the face of this. If we were to be evaluated by those around us, our family, our colleagues, what would they see in us? We are a written letter that the Lord sends so that it can be read and known by all men. Because God’s desire is that all men should be saved.  We must not let ourselves be confused by the ways of the world, because we are set apart by the Lord. We are called to shine in this world and in all spheres of society, and this is our duty as light in this world.

To be light means to be a solution. Are we solutions or problems?

Our role as Christians is to show the solution to the situations the world is going through today. As a church, we can provide the solution: Jesus. This requires us to activate our listening to God’s voice. God wants to reveal himself to this generation, which is increasingly rejecting God’s precepts. God is sometimes sad to see Christians facing the challenges of this world, and disappointed when we forget that everything can change through intercession.

May the Lord help us to always keep our faith.

May God bless us

Prayer for French-speaking Africa: Father, we pray that the Gospel may continue to be spread throughout Africa, and that a life of holiness may reign in the Church. We ask you to place your hand on all the countries that suffer terrorist attacks. Lord, allow the church to be involved in all spheres of society. We entrust to you the missionaries in Mali and for good governance in French-speaking African countries.

Personal introduction : Dieudonné Nabayaogo comes from Burkina Faso, and has been a missionary in Mali, in Koutiala, since 2009. He is married to a Malian woman. God has blessed them with 3 children: Joie, Isaac and Marie. They have a ministry (sports and education) among young people and children. Other programs include mutual aid and schooling for orphaned, disadvantaged or destitute children.

Project coordination : Fred Menigoz
Illustrations/conception : Catherine Jegu
Translations : Maelle Moungounga, Caroline Sans, Tom Hawkins.

Project coordination : Fred Menigoz
Illustrations/conception : Catherine Jegu
Translations : Maelle Moungounga, Caroline Sans, Tom Hawkins.