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June 25th to 30th


You are bearers of light

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)


This  verse  highlights our responsibility to reflect God’s light into the world, in a visible and impactful way. We are all bearers of this light, and it’s up to us to let it shine around us.

However, it is not always easy to let our light shine. Sometimes, we can feel insignificant or think that our actions have no impact. But Jesus reminds us that even the smallest light can make a difference.

So here are a few key points we can remember to keep that light alive within us:

  • Our  identity  and  responsibility:  Jesus  identifies  his  disciples  as  “the  light  of the world”.  This  implies a profound identity as bearers of light, but also a responsibility to spread that light in an often troubled world.
  • Pathfinders  in  the  dark:  Just  as  a  town  high  up  on  a  hill  cannot  be hidden, we are called to shine in the darkness of daily life. Our light should not be confined, but must shine into all aspects of society.
  • Influence  and  testimony:  Light  is  often  associated  with  truth,  justice  and  life. By reflecting  God’s  light,  we  are  called  to  be  witnesses  to  truth  and  divine  grace, by positively influencing those around us and society at large.
  • Consistency  of  life:  To  be  effective  light-bearers,  it’s  important  to  live consistently with  Christ’s  teachings  and  values.  Our  character,  words  and  actions  must reflect God’s light and bear witness to God’s presence in our lives.
  • Universal  mission:  Jesus  does  not  restrict  this  mission  to  a  group  of  disciples, but extends it to all who follow him. So each of us, whatever our background or status, is called to be a bearer of light in our own sphere of influence.

To conclude, being a “light-bearer” according to Matthew 5:14 is more than just a statement of faith; it’s a call to live in a new way and positively impact the world around us, reflecting God’s light and love in everything we do.

So I encourage you to be that light. Don’t hide it under a bushel, but let it shine for all to see. 

Your light is precious and necessary to enlighten the world. I pray that the Holy Spirit will breathe powerfully upon you, that your light will shine and impact the world with force! May you be examples and pillars for others by being a light for them.

Specific prayer: Lord, we entrust the Grand Est region to you, and we give you thanks for all  you are  already  accomplishing.  May  your  Spirit  breathe  on  the  churches  and  deeds serving local  communities  and  cities.  May  your  light  shine  on  every  project  during  these Games and beyond. Amen

Personal profile: Célestine Moreau is 21 years old, studying for a Master 1 in STAPS in Adapted Physical Activity at the University of Paris-Est Créteil, Céléstine is passionate about artistic gymnastics.  She  is  a  member  of Fabricants  de Joie and attends the MLK church in Créteil.

Project coordination : Fred Menigoz
Illustrations/conception : Catherine Jegu
Translations : Maelle Moungounga, Caroline Sans, Tom Hawkins.

Project coordination : Fred Menigoz
Illustrations/conception : Catherine Jegu
Translations : Maelle Moungounga, Caroline Sans, Tom Hawkins.